The most exciting and meaningful way to learn and enjoy history and geography is to experience it. Reading and gathering facts alone do not create a lasting impression. For example, our American History curriculum integrates mathematics, science, reading, writing, art, and music, exposing students to the entirety of American culture. Students may read colorful myths and stories, bring Famous Americans to life through drama, take a trip to Washington D.C., our nation’s capital, to be immersed in American History, perform a musical production dedicated to telling the story of Lewis, Clark, and Sacagawea. We understand that the most powerful and generative learning occurs when students are immersed in intellectual and creative work rather than simply observing it.


This year, 2017-2018, students will study Arizona history, including the unknown Arizona Gold Rush, the pioneers, railroads, and influential people, places, and events in the state’s past and present. Through excursions, dining experiences, and productions, students will experience Arizona rather than simply learning about it.


6Language Arts
9Physical Education